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Dennis Neeley, Architect, has a broad expanse of expertise dealing with design, construction, real estate development, software development and implementation.

Neeley was a principal of Neeley/Lofrano Architects (1970-90) in San Francisco. The firm designed commercial buildings, and single & multi family residential projects. During this time he was also a partner in HAB Construction and HAB Development. These entities purchased land, secured governmental approvals, sub divided land and constructed commercial and multifamily residential projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the mid 1980's Neeley formed his first software company (Archsoft) to create CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software. Archsoft products were licensed to Autodesk and sold by Autodesk under the name AutoCAD AEC. This software became the largest selling architectural and engineering CAD software in the world and is credited with bringing widespread automation to the architectural and engineering professions.

Neeley's other companies have created several breakthrough automation products. ASG/Softdesk created the first suite of integrated CAD software applications for architects, engineers and contractors. CADspec created the first electronic manufacturers catalogs, at first on CDROM and then the Internet. Bricsnet created the first integrated suite of real estate information software that collected and distributed data over the Internet. SmartBIM is the premier developer of BIM (Building Information Modeling) 3D objects.

Neeley now provides consulting services (Neeley Consulting) to clients that need assistance with design, construction, real estate development, conflict resolution and technical automation. Massive savings in time and money are possible throughout the planning, design, construction, real estate operations & maintenance process when these, often fragmented components, are approached as an integrated set of procedures and data.

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Conflict Resolution.

The process of creating a building involves scores of companies, hundreds of employees and thousands of documents. The chance for misunderstands, errors and omissions is very real. Neeley Consulting can spearhead investigations, negotiate with individuals or provide expert witness.


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Dennis Neeley has experience with wood frame, concrete and steel framed structures. He has managed construction timelines and budgets. He has worked with both large and small general contractors and trade contractors. Through his technology companies he has many years of working with building product manufacturers and their technical information.



Design is a balance of aesthetics, functionality, engineering and budget. Design involves several consultants and scores of individuals. The design process is complicated and prone to errors and omissions. Neeley Consulting can guide the client through the process as well as providing overview checking of the documents.



All projects begin with the land. The site may need to be rezoned, subdivided, engineered and proceed through multiple approvals at the local, state and federal level. Neighbors and organizations will have input into the project. Attorneys, architects, engineers, financers, and a multitude of other consultants are usually needed. The process can be long and difficult. It is critical that all the necessary steps and a team be assembled for the task. Neeley Consulting can help organize and manage the process.



The completion of a building is just the start of the life of the building. The costs to operate, maintain and modify a building over its lifecycle are many times the construction costs of the building. Neeley Consulting can assist the owner or operator in minimizing there operations expenses.


Project Program.

The project program is the first and most critical step for a successful project. The program will identify approvals required, set the budget and timeline, and most importantly set the requirements for the spaces, functionality, materials, and space relationships. Furnishing and equipment requirements are identified. The team that will be required for a successful project is identified.



Technology is an integral part of the design, construction and building operation process. Dennis Neeley is a leader in creating and implementing design and construction software as well as building operations software. Software tools exist that can substantially reduce design errors and omissions, reduce constructions costs and change orders, and reduce building operations costs.